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Curriculum Information

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Teaching and Literacy Information

Teaching and Maths Information


Many of the documents below will still refer to individual year groups for skills or knowledge (e.g. yr 3 skills/yr 4 skills).  With our mixed age classes and through our 2 yr rolling programme, we will of course teach these skills to both yr groups at the same time – but we have separated them by yr group here to illustrate the progression through a subject.  Our main colour-coded curriculum pathways map (above) shows how we organise the units of work in each subject – to maximise the times when a child still learns these units in sequence (eg yr 3 unit first then yr 4 unit)

White Rose Maths
Reception Small Steps
Yr 1 Scheme of Work
Yr 1 Small Steps
Yr 2 Scheme of Work
Yr 2 Small Steps
Year 2 Scheme of Learning Small Steps.pdf (
Yr 3 Scheme of Work
Yr 3 Small Steps
Yr 4 Scheme of Work
Yr 4 Small Steps
Yr 5 Scheme of Work
Yr 5 Small Steps
Yr 6 Scheme of Work
Yr 6 Small Steps

Teaching and Science Information

Teaching and Foundation Subjects Information











Diversity, Spirituality, Safeguarding and British Values

EYFS Year Overview

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