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Thorner’s Pupils’ Wonderful Ideas

Thorner’s Pupils’ Wonderful Ideas

Home Learning                             


Out of clay!









Taking an evening dip!









Home learning – looking after parents!


















William and Amy made a cake for my birthday all by themselves. Only the oven part was done by Steve. The rest was done purely by the children. All measurements and finding the ingredients and following the recipe. They even managed to dig out some candles! Fantastic effort!










Making a tutu, we cut fabric into longish strips, and tied them around a waistband then decorated with pom poms etc.





















We have been building again! He’s now built a winch to go on his trailer he built. Bearing in mind this is his own creation with no input from anyone else, he’s managed to build it to work perfectly! He’s hoping to winch logs with it.

























I wanted to explain how I built my trailer. I found all of the materials around the garden and in our sheds to make this trailer, I had to make it a twin wheel base to distribute the heavy weight of the logs that I was going to use it for. I measured and cut all of the wood myself, I even put a opening and closing tailgate on the back.



















A walk in the woods (St Luke’s Chapel, Ashley Chase), whittling and bow and arrow making.




















George, Henry and Annabel had a day of art yesterday and watched online tutorials to teach them to draw. (Click to enlarge)

















Scarlett built a wonderful bug house and planted some seeds and flowers. She also made some fat balls for the birds. We have started to keep a log of all the birds which are visiting the garden each day. We are starting to put together a time capsule to bury in the garden. We also rescued an injured bat but sadly it did not survive so we made a grave in the garden for it. Scarlett enjoyed creating a cafe for bears which she set up in the garden complete with some honey.
Scarlett has also created a doggy spa for her dog Punk









Finley has made some fat balls for the birds and is keeping a log of the birds that visit the garden each day. He has planted lots of seeds and is enjoying watching them grow.  We are also putting together a time capsule to bury in the garden.

Poem about Spring:
Blossom sprouting out of witches fingers
Squirrels scavenging for hidden nuts
Daffodils are shining as bright as heaven
Bees are buzzing like an electric shock










Counting in 2s


This morning (22nd) we got up at 3.30am to see the Lyrid Meteors from the Lyra constellation. So exciting – we spent an hour outside with blankets and once our eyes had accustomed, which took a while, we saw about 7 shooting stars in the first 10 minutes and some time later the brightest of fireball meteors tore through the sky. I’ve never seen anything like that. We are now hugely inspired, and have got out all our space and constellation books … I highly recommend this if you fancy it tonight and don’t mind a 3.30am alarm! The peak was this morning, but we are going to do it again at the same time and it should still be a great show.







4 weeks in, getting the hang of this home schooling/work balance!







Keeping up the running on the coast path









Practicing the recorder to the daffodils.







Home economics!




















Tilly made a hedgehog cafe after watching Maddie Moate and Greg Foot. She had a hedgehog visitor which we were all very excited about.

Here is a link to the YouTube video of Tilly making the hedgehog cafe

Having fun making pop guns today…inspired by the ‘William’ books.










Home learning – Jack and the Beanstalk Writing Activity

Jack And The Beanstalk

We have done reading, writing, cooking, bike riding. We helped build a sandpit and has made some wonderful figures with the glue gun! We have done lots of learning of tricky words and writing, also reading our books.
We have enjoyed doing a book of mock sats maths tests which she is very good at. And cooking is a favourite subject.
We have been chalking, enjoying the sand pit and have taken over looking after the chickens and collecting eggs! We have all made clay figures, had lots of outside time in this gorgeous weather and even filled out dinghy with water for a make pool!



















Lottie’s Weather Presentation


Lottie’s work on Podkin One Ear

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